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Drools channels and Apache Camel integration.

The previous posts only showed how to build a route using the Drools endpoint as the target consumer of the message, but what happen if we need to start the route from a Drools endpoint (the source endpoint) and send a message from the rules consequence to the target endpoint? In this case we need to use Drools channels.

A Drools channel provides a mechanism to send objects from the working memory to some external process or functions.
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JBoss Drools Developer‘s Cookbook released

Maybe you noticed, or not, that this blog hasn’t had too much activity lately (but hey, I wasn’t blooging much before, right?). Well, one of the reasons was the Drools Developer Cookbook, a book that I was writing and that after a few months of hard work is finally finished and released by Packt Publishing.

Drools Developer's Cookbook cover

Inside this book you will find lots of recipes to apply in your Drools projects, in order to take advantage of the latest features released in JBoss Drools 5.2 and 5.3. It covers all the main modules, Expert, Fusion, Guvnor, Planner and even jBPM5.

I would like to thank Packt Publishing & crew, Edson Tirelli, Geoffrey De Smet, Toni Rikkola and everyone else that in any way helped me.

The chapters 2 & 7 are available to read in the next links:

Expert: behind the rules (Full chapter)
Integration: How to connect Drools (Article)

As always, for further details you can take a look in the book website

Have fun

jBPM5/Drools Apache Camel integration


After a few months I’m back with another useful, or maybe not, post about the integration between Apache Camel and Drools/jBPM5. I decided to write this post because 1) people are continuously asking about the last changes in the integration and 2) I already had a POC using the last Drools/jBPM5/Camel integration in my github account.

So, in this example I’m going to explain how to use jBPM5 together with Apache Camel but the same concepts and configuration can be applied to a Drools integration with Camel.
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