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Drools Server configuration updated

In the past days Drools Execution Server was updated to use a new version of the Drools Camel integration and more features were added.
One of the biggest differences is that now everything is configured using Spring, and no java code is included inside the WAR file. And, opposite to the previous version, SOAP isn’t supported out-of-the-box (you could use SOAP in the previous version) but you can add your own support right now.

As in the previous version, the configuration files are included in the WEB-INF/ folder inside the WAR file. Now we have three configuration files: beans.xml, camel-server.xml and knowledge-services.xml

  • beans.xml: It is the main xml file, but only is used to import the next two files. So, you don’t need to modify this one.
  • camel-server: This file includes the configuration of REST interface and Camel routes.

Let’s go to do a deep configuration review…
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