Monthly Archives: January 2011

Drools Metrics Persistence

I would like to introduce a small project that I developed at @plugtree in the last months. It’s a project to monitor and persist internal metrics of Drools Knowledge Session’s. This will allow you to gather internal metrics information of the knowledge base and sessions registered into the JVM (local or remote) using the Drools JMX API and persist this information into a database (right now it’s using Hibernate as the ORM but it’s pluggable enough to use another persistence framework, which should be the ideal because of the huge amount of data to be stored). As you can imagine it’s really useful to use to create your custom dashboard to monitor how healthy are your knowledge session´s, to made predictive analysis, etc.

It currently supports the following features, but there are more coming:

  • knowledge base auto discovery.
  • knowledge sessions auto discovery.
  • configurable knowledge scanners.
  • pluggable persistence framework.
  • spring framework configuration friendly.

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